Our reality is an ocean of living energy in which all matter illuminates waves of energy that have been crystallized into form and structure. We all release our own vibrational energy, all unique with different frequencies, providing us with the tools to thrive and experience life as it is.

Sound as Vibrational Energy

Have you ever noticed how certain sounds resonate in ways that create feelings? How we experience sadness or joy while listening to certain songs that touch our hearts and stir our emotions?  

We know that color is an electromagnetic wave, sound is an acoustical wave, and each color of the rainbow corresponds to a specific musical note, too! We also see this within our chakras; the seven centers within the subtle body that correlate to a specific color and tone. When we penetrate our subtle bodies with sound we create rhythm within our chakras, our body, and we experience an overall feeling of balance.

Why We Use Sound to Heal

The body, being a network of energy fields and vibrational currents can easily slip into a state of disharmony when out of rhythm. We may experience physiological and psychological imbalances, such as a feeling of sluggishness, digestive issues, and a sense of feeling alone, just to name a few. Sound has been shown to work on a molecular level, thus when a natural sound pentetrates the body it causes our cells to respond, moving at different speeds and all correlating to the rhythm of the sound wave. Aftertime, through this oscillation we feel more balanced and in harmony.

As everything on Earth emits its own vibrational energy, every crystal sound bath will deliver a different experience for each individual. By energizing the auric field and penetrating the subtle body, a crystal sound bath offers multiple and different benefits for every person.

Crystal Bowls and the Seven Chakras

Each bowl is digitally attuned to the musical scale C, D, E, F, G, A, B which correlates to the vibrations of the chakra system; C = Root Chakra, D = Sacral Chakra, E = Solar Plexus, F = Heart Chakra, G = Throat Chakra, A = Third Eye Chakra, B = Crown Chakra. The deeper the sound the more it resonates with the physical and the higher the sound the more it resonates with the spiritual.

Each individual will feel the effects of each bowl differently within the body. Even though each bowl correlates to a specific sound, or chakra, every bowl works with the body on a totality level.

Some Benefits of a Crystal Sound Bath

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Deep relaxation (better sleep)

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Increase clarity

  • Quiet the mind

  • Chakra balancing

A Crystal Sound bath is an experience in which signing bowls are played in a manner that relaxes the body and calms the mind. The sound guides listeners on a journey of self discovery and inner exploration, expansion of consciousness, and deep relaxation.

This experience helps open the body's entire energetic system.

At JEM we use 7 Crystal Sound Bowls attuned to the 7 sounds of our chakras. Each bowl creates a different sound and vibrates the body on a different level.

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What Do I Do During a Soundbath?

Relax | Listen | Journey

To get the most out of your sound healing session, it is best to come with an open mind, comfortable clothing, a blanket, and a journal for jotting down notes at the end of your session.

  • For one-on-one sessions your sound bath will be tailored to your needs and desires which have been determined through a series of questions that are given to you before your session to submit beforehand. These questions will help create the perfect experience for you during the time of your session and will vary with every session as you continue to release and connect to the vibrations on a deeper level.

  • Specific crystals are placed around your mat and or the space to offer another source of energy.

  • Scents: Essential oils are diffused through a diffuser or there will be lit candles and or incense.

    What to Expect

Many individuals have expressed uniquely different experiences all relating, however, to some form of release and a sense of relaxation.

I have made a list of some experiences individuals have shared;

  • Envisioning joy and memories of the past or future

  • A deep sense of relaxation

  • A feeling of deep transformation  

  • Anxiety followed by a deep sense of relaxation (occurs for some new to the experience)

  • Sensations

    • Warming / cooling

    • Floating

    • A relaxed feeling of being underwater

    • Visuals of specific colors (usually correlating with one specific chakra or multiple)

      • Swirls

      • One sheet of color

      • Color changing when rotating head from left to right

    If you are interested in sound, send me a direct message with all of your questions and comments, but please, follow your heart and allow yourself to be guided towards the modality that fits your needs and your desires--you know what is best for yourself.