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What is a Soundbath?

"A Concert for the Soul"

A Crystal Sound bath is an experience in which signing bowls are played in a manner that relaxes the body and calms the mind. The sound guides listeners on a journey of self discovery and inner exploration, expansion of consciousness, and deep relaxation.

This experience helps open the body's entire energetic system.

At JEM we use 7 Crystal Sound Bowls attuned to the 7 sounds of our chakras. Each bowl creates a different sound and vibrates the body on a different level.

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What Do I Do During a Soundbath?

Relax | Listen | Journey

During a soundbath, the practitioner relax in a comfortable position, usually laying on their backs. Each soundbath experience is unique to the individual. By Staying present with the sounds and listening carefully a deep state of relaxation of the body and mind is achieved leaving most people feeling lighter, brighter, and more balanced.

What to Expect:   

A one-on-one sound healing session complete with either calming restorative yoga and/or meditation. A 10-15 minute consultation with be held at the beginning of your session in order to offer the most appropriate vibrational and energetic tools for your session.



Crystal Soundbath Session:

30 minutes | $40

60 Minutes |$60


Chakra Tuning Session:

45 minutes | $50