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Yin Yoga and Sound Bath Lunar Flow

Scorpio is a spiritual warrior. 

"Scorpio is fighting to understand the basis of life itself, and the ongoing cycles of the universe....Scorpio seeks truth, and she is willing to wade through the chaos of life to find it. She is a fearless explorer, but her explorations are not of lands, they are of her own energy and her subconscious mind...She is a true water sign and fully embodies the feminine intuitive power which is inherent to water." - Spirit Daughter

Unleash your sacred feminine (men too!) as we move slowly and with fluidity through a serious of Yin poses intended to invoke our inner Goddess. 

A Crystal Sound Bath will follow our asana practice. 

Please bring:
Journal and utensil 
Your Intentions. 
Yoga Mat 
A Special Object (optional)

$15 | JEM Member? Feel free to use your Passes