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Embody Freedom through Integrated Yoga

Embody Freedom through an integrated yoga approach.

Come learn and enjoy the benefits of the ancient practices of yin yoga, mudras, breath control, and sound healing in this integrated workshop.

Through the power and discipline of long held asanas, control of pranayama (breath), and the vibrational energy of sound healing, the body can experience harmony and balance offering you a feeling of relaxation, peace, and connection.

Our breath controls how much we are willing to let go and take in. Let’s learn how to control our breath so we don’t over fill our cup.

The practice of mudras assist in transferring breath to where the body needs it the most. Learn popular mudras (hand gestures) and how they can offer support for healing the body, mind, and soul.

The power of sound works on a cellular level activating our entire being so we can release suffering and pain. Each sound bowl stimulates an individual chakra in a different way, attuning the body on a vibrational level.


Begin the class with an introduction to mudras and pranayama (breath work). We will touch base on the history of the chakra system and the benefits of the crystal sound bowls.

Evolving into a moving, yet restorative guided meditation class with the intention of going inward and finding comfort in the journey to the self, we will experience a lovely yin yoga class.

We will end the practice by slowly making our way into a relaxing position on our mats so we can enjoy the cosmic journey of the crystal sound bowls. A journal is recommended to jot down your experiences afterwards.

When: Saturday, March 30th at 3 - 5 pm

Where: JEM Yoga and Massage (5723 Grand Ave)

Investment: $15 before / $20 the day of

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