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Yoga for Back Pain

Chronic and acute back pain is a far-too-common medical issue we face within our culture today, and there are many reasons why one would experience back pain; poor posture, repetitive motion, and injury can contribute to aches and pain within the body.

Within this 1.5 hour workshop, we will dive deep into the many reasons why one may experience chronic or acute back pain. Learn to provide a supportive practice targeting the specific muscles that are used to stabilize the area of the back ( pelvis to lower ribs ).

~~~ Learn specific asanas ( yoga poses ) to help strengthen and support the back.

                    An all-level yoga practice explicitly tailored to help the lower, middle, and upper back. Modifications will be available and given to fit every practitioner's ability. Use of a block is required. The studio will have enough for everyone to use, however, feel free to bring your own!

~~~ Become more familiar with Spinal Anatomy

                       We will be taking a moment at the beginning of the workshop to familiarize ourselves with some general anatomy to better understand why the strength of our hip adductors and abdomen play a crucial role in supporting our backs.

--- Practice being connected to our bodies

                      Learn basic pranayama exercises to help deepen your practice and improve balance, strength, concentration, lung capacity, as well as the essential tools to help replace stressful days with feel-good experiences.

When: April 6th at 3pm

Investment: $20

Later Event: April 17
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