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New Moon: A Time to Plant the Seed of Intention


The new moon is a magically potent time to plant the seeds of what you want to bring into fruition in your life. The influence of a new moon encourages the energy within the body to move to it's higher centers. This is the time to bring new ideas, new relationships, and new experiences into your life.

Modern life has a lot of us living completely disconnected from nature. With an overuse of technology comes a sense of isolation. Replace this by stepping outside and walking through nature, by taking time to pause and feel the cool breeze brush your face, or by feeling your bare feet against the soft, yet coarse sand. Reconnect to the seasons, the elements, and your surroundings by tapping into the lunar energy of the moon.

The new moon provides a smooth opportunity to practice something new, to envision the best outcomes, and reflect on qualities we would like to exhibit in the weeks / months to follow.

Experience a cosmic transformation with intention setting, restorative movement, pranayama, meditation, and a crystal bowl sound bath. 

Please bring a journal to jot down your intention. 

Wednesday, June 13th | 8:30pm

$15 | Register Here