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Full Moon Circle and Soundbath

It is during the phase of the Full Moon where we begin to manifest and embody our intentions that were manifested during the time of the New Moon. This Lunar Moon represents clarity and wholeness.

During this Lunar Phase, the sun and moon sit opposite of each other creating a powerfully energetic vibrational pull that can leave us feeling over stimulated. How are you taking measures to keep your life balanced?

It has now been 6 Months since our New Year Intentions. Take a moment to reflect and acknowledge where you are now. Have you stayed true to your intentions?

Lets connect for an evening of energetic empowerment, creativity, and expression. This is the perfect evening for gathering and creating lifelong memories.

What To Bring:
Yoga Mat
Journal and Pen
New Moon Intentions
Sacred items to add to our Full Moon Altar. Flowers, stones, herbs, photos, etc... something that resonates with you and that you would like to share with the group. (This is the time of the month for us to be social and open)

When: Wednesday June 27th at 8:30pm | $15