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are intrinsically joyful

...and compassionate humans to be around. They are full of creative ideas that need to be released, explored, and respected, yet many children are suffering from a lack of connection to their bodies and their environment. Too often we focus on how little time we have for ourselves and over-look the joyous moment-to-moment experiences that exist daily. If we, as adults, are leading stressful lives, who's not to say our stressful behaviors aren't rubbing off onto our little ones; after all, monkey see; monkey do.

L O O K   F O R   S Y M P T O M S 

Stress in young children is becoming far too common. We see it through hyperactivity, lethargy, night terrors, headaches, anger, the inability to control emotions, decrease in imagination, low self-esteem, and so fourth. We require more out of ourselves these days, thus we require more out of our children. There seems to be less time for creative play and self-awareness and more time spent cramming in homework, participating in competitive sports and overscheduling extracurricular activities.  It is time we practice S L O W I N G down. 

T H E  G O O D  N E W S

Yoga helps soothe our fight-or-flight hormones, overriding our stress-sensors. When we practice yoga, we develope mental and physical strength, flexibility, balance, and overall health. Yoga means " to yoke" or "to unite". We connect our entire body by looking at it as one; mind, body, and soul.  Yoga helps foster important life values by cultivating a sense of patience, self-control, respect, discipline, gratitude, and over all positive qualities. 

Meditation- the practice of cultivating awareness. For children, mediating is a tad different. Unlike adults, most children will find it very challenging moving into complete stillness. Instead, meditation for children focuses on activating the 5 senses and keeping a consistence practice of patience, acceptance, and structured relaxation that is appropriate for each age group.


B E N E F I T S   F O R  Y O U R  C H I L D R E N

In and Out of the Classroom

Brings your child into the present moment

Increases concentration and focus

Expands creativity

Reduces anxiety and stress

Calms the mind

Balance energy levels

Build confidence and self-esteem

Enhance social interactions


W H A T  T O  E X P E C T  

A small interactive group; no more than 8 children

Mindful Movement + Meditation

Pranayama (Breathing)Work

Age appropriate interactive activities

Study of Yoga Principles

Hands on assistance (if needed)

Positive communication and interaction  

Build life values

Alleviate Stress






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