Stress Relief- Stress relief is a key factor in a healthy you! Massage lowers heart rate and both cortisol and insulin levels, all which help reduce daily stress levels.

 Relaxation- During a massage, the body enters rest and recovery mode and this effect lingers long after the massage is over. 

Improves Posture- Massage encourages the muscles and tissues to move naturally, which in turn promotes better posture. 

Better Circulation- The pressure in a massage causes new blood flow through areas that may have been congested.

Lowers Blood Pressure- A natural way to treat hypertension is through massage therapy by relaxing the entire body and its systems.

Relaxes Muscles- A majority of pain is caused by muscle tension. Massage can get to the root of that pain. You will most likely feel a release of tension almost immediately after your session begins. 

Improves Flexibility and Range of Motion- Joints tend to become stiff or tight as we age. Massage helps to keep those joints fluid, increasing flexibility and reducing the possibility of injury.

Promotes Deeper AND Easier Breathing- Anxiety and stress can cause constricted breathing. Massage can train the body how to relax easier, resulting in the relief of respiratory issues. 

Relief of Headaches- So many people suffer from chronic headaches! Massage can relieve the pressure and pain that is associated with headaches. Loosening up tight muscles can do wonders in preventing the frequency of or even seizing headaches altogether! 

Strengthens The Immune System- The body has cytotoxix capacity or "natural killer cells." Massage has been shown to naturally increase this function. 

Helps with Post-Operative Rehabilitation- Massage helps to pump Oxygen and nutrients into the body's tissues and organs. This is key in a healthy and speedy recovery. Relaxation can also help keep a person motivated and positive!