Yoga is more than just movement. Yoga is a group of mental, physical, and spiritual practices intended to reverse the ordinary outward flow of energy and consciousness so that the mind and body become balanced.

Yoga emphasizes the connection to each breath in and each breath out. We will dig deeper into fully understanding why the way we breath is so important and why it is truly the foundation to every yoga practice.  

Connecting movement with breath to balance mind, body, and soul, our yoga classes will take your practice to an entirely different level, and if this is your first time practicing on your mat we assure you, you will never look back. Yoga is magical and through each practice; by shedding layers of stress and tension and learning to trust, we begin to see ourselves differently as we slowly free ourselves from the dependent fallible senses that want to consume us.


one movement • one breath

Unify breath with movement and flow through a powerful series of postures intended to bring you back into a state of balance. Let go of daily stress, build internal and physical strength, and improve flexibility. Classes are classiefied with levels of difficult. 1 being easiest 3 being the most challenging. Modifications are given in all classes.

“ You can have calmness of mind at all times by the practice of yoga. You can have restful sleep. You can have increased energy, vigor, vitality, longevity, and a high standard of health. You can turn our efficient work within a short space of time. You can have success in every walk of life.”

— -Swami Sivananda


P O W E R   Y O G A

Endurance • Strength •Flexibility

This class moves at an accelerated pace to keep your practice fluid, creative, and energizing. Empower your mind and body from the inside out, heat up your practice with this invigorating practice intended to help increase strength, improve over-all endurance and mental focus, and sweat out all your daily stress. 

Y I N   Y O G A

A Passive Practice

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga consisting of a  serious of long held postures primarily targeting the pelvis, hips, inner thighs, and lower spine. Through Yin, we are able to penetrate deep into our connective tissues expanding flexibility while invigorating our entire body. 


Foundation • Stability •Strength

A vinyasa styled class focusing on the importance of core strengthening , building strength specifically geared towards improving your inversions and balancing postures. 

Y O G A   for  R U N N E R S

Hips | Gluets | Hamstrings

This class was created with the runners body in mind. Help aid recovery through a serious of postures targeting the areas of the body most prone to injury and overuse. Perfect for all levels.


Yoga Barre is a mashup of yoga and barre moves that will tone and tighten in all the right places. It’s a low impact workout designed for any fitness level. We’ll start with a yoga warm up and a sequence of core and upper-body exercises, which may include push-ups, planks, using light weights, and other moves to target the biceps, triceps, chest, and back muscles. Next, we’ll channel our inner beautiful ballerinas using the barre (or a chair or the wall) for balance and our own body weight for resistance to perform isometric exercises that focus on the leg and seat muscles. Then we transition back to yoga for a cool down with a series of stretches to increase flexibility and allow our muscles to recover. You will see the benefits (improved posture, muscle definition, increased balance and flexibility, reduced stress, and more...) in no time!


DEEP is restorative movement sequence that utilizes the Spiral Structure Technique® to connect mind to muscle and catalyze vibrational change on a cellular level. Unlike other Buti® trademarked formats, DEEP is low-impact and focuses on micro-movements with physical touch to connect the brain to innervated muscle and restructure the deep core. DEEP is designed to prevent injury, restore innervation and assist in the recovery of bladder/ uterine prolapse and diastasis recti. The class structure also includes self-massage and pressure point activation to release muscles during deep restorative asanas.

S L O W  F L O W

Hatha Style Flow

What is "Slow Flow?" This practice is a Hatha style flow. There are no vinyasas in this practice (well, maybe a few to build heat in the beginning). Hatha focuses on strength, openness, stillness, awareness, breathe and holding poses longer. Slow and steady. Don't worry you'll still feel like you got your work out in.


Free + Open to the public

Join us, in West Duluth, for an all-levels, vinyasa class held every THIRD Friday of the month. This is the perfect way to end your work week and begin your weekend with relaxation and maybe some delicious organic treats. This class is free to the public, but space is limited to 7 mats. Please show up 10 minutes early to assure your spot.

3rd Fridays of the Month , 5:30pm

Made possible by Whole Foods Co-Op

Y O G A   I N   P O P L A R

Join us at Lake Effect Dance 

Live in or around Douglas County? Join us every Thursday at 6pm for FREE YOGA . That's right, no need to worry about bringing your wallet, just your mat. Enjoy an all-levels Vinyasa Class suitable for all ages. Please note, children under age must be accompanied by an adult. 

Every Monday at 9am and Thursday, 6:00pm || Will resume again in August

Made possible by Essentia Health Care

Y O G A   at Duluth Heritage Sports Center

Free Yoga at the Hockey rink! 

Do you have someone you drop off at Duluth Heritage Sports Center on Wednesday nights? Do you live around the area and have yet to see this BEAUTIFUL facility? We are honored to be able to offer another FREE yoga event to the public-- don't worry, we won't be using the ice as our floor.  This class is open to all-levels and nestled above the rink in the old warming room. Surrounded by beautiful bricks, a wood-fire stove, and enough space to fit at least 50 people; we hope you find time to step onto you mat.

Every Wednesday, 7pm-8pm

120 N 30th Ave W ||Made possible by Essentia Health Care