The Triangle and the Power Behind Three

The Meaning Behind our Logo


Three is a mysterious and potent number that frequently appears throughout our lives. The meaning of Yoga means to "yoke", or "unite", Mind, Body, and Soul.

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I like to think that the three sides of the triangle in our logo represents our mind, body, and soul. Or perhaps Earth, Space, and Heaven, that of birth, life, and death, that of past, present, and future. Or maybe the triangle represents wisdom, growth and transformation.

The Triangle may represent many different trinities in our world. The Hindu trinity is of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. They are respectively the creator, the preserver, and destroyer of the universe. This trinity represents the Divine. 

Three is everywhere.

Within the most sacred Eastern Mantra and the universal sound, OM, is made up of three audible sounds (A-U-M). Perhaps you have heard your yoga teacher chant this at the beginning or end of each class.

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Three, in the form of a triangle, is a basic element for our physical practice and well-being. While in seated meditation, we can envision the top of the triangle as our head, and the sides as our right and left knees. The top of the triangle that points upward, represents our ability to move into higher consciousness. Where the overlapping Triangles can be summed up as: that which is below is also that which is above.

In yoga, our aim is to invite as much clarity (sattva) into our lives, while avoiding ignorance (tamas) and agitation (raja) as much as possible. In order to do this, we stand our ground and build courage through the three points of the triangle; groundedness, courage, and focus. 

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JEM, the name of our studio and this beautiful space we have created, is made up of three initials meaning Joella Erin Miller, our founder. JEM happens to be a nick name her love ones call her as a play on the word ‘GEM’.

A triangle is so much more than a three pointed shape. Yes, as you can see from reading above, it embodies our essence without us even realizing it. No matter how much pressure you put on a triangle, it can not break; the triangle is the strongest shape and we believe you are too! 

At JEM Yoga and Massage, we want you to feel whole every time you step into our studio and every time you leave, because our home is your home; and you deserve to walk with your head held high and your heart full of love every day. We want to help you balance out all three sides of your life so your triangle is complete; full of your desires, hopes, and dreams.  

How often do you see the triangle? Look around, find your triangle everywhere you go and let it be your courage, your guide, and your strength. Notice how many you spot in any given day and take a moment to absorb it's subtle energy. Triangles may soon become your favorite shape!