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We are excited for your interest in beginning your healing journey with us. Rather you are a seasoned practitioner or just beginning, this is a place for you. Just like you, we know what it's like to feel stressed, overworked and exhausted. Life can be challenging, but through healing, we begin learning and growing in unexplainable ways.

If we can remember one thing through our wellness journey it is this;  

Be in the moment. 


Let us help guide you towards your infinite bliss. Because we've been there and we've had to learn how to pick ourselves up, dust it all off, and slowly begin to trust in the healing power of alternative healing. We are honored to be apart of your wellness journey and know you'll feel confident and comfortable the moment you walk through our doors. 


Our teachers + Therapists are certified professionals here to help you!

 Photo by: Bailey Aro Photography

Photo by: Bailey Aro Photography

Meet Joella

Owner | Creator | Teacher + Therapist at JEM

LMT, E-RYT 200 , YIN Certified

Hi, I'm Joella and I love sharing the amazing benefits of Yoga + Massage.

My first steps on my yoga mat  was back in my early 20's,  living in the Pacific Northwest without a care in the world. Yoga was something I knew nothing about, yet felt a strong desire and curiosity towards. For so long though, I was under the misconception that one needed to be flexible to practice yoga...Boy, was I wrong. If yoga has taught me one things, it is that yoga does not care about how well you can touch your toes or if you can do the splits. Yoga goes beyond the physical and teaches you to be in the moment. Sometimes there is pain. I knew the yoga journey wasn't going to be easy. It still isn't. If it were easy, I'm sure I would become bored and distracted; it must be the Sagittarius in me. The desire to always be on the move. The challenge of increasing my flexibility and finding quiet within was enough to create my motivation. Nearly 8 years later, an E-RYT 200 Teacher, a YOGA Studio Owner, and a daily practitioner... I still can't do the splits, and I try nearly every damn day. Yes, I have seen massive improvement. But, what I have learned along the way is so much more profound. I've build a life within, filled with more compassion, love, and acceptance than I ever thought possible; that feeling of freedom is why I continue to practice yoga everyday.

After discovering life in more of a spiritual way through yoga and moving back to the Mid-West, I quickly wanted to explore the body in a different way. Being someone who struggles with back issues and acute scoliosis, I did not want any form of pharmaceutical dependency, and quickly found Massage Therapy to be a great preventative for stressful days. Learning the manipulation of tissues and fascia was a magical adventure during school and has been such a rewarding talent to offer to the world. Experiencing not only my own personal health benefits from Massage Therapy, but being able to heal others in an organic and natural way has been and continues to be one of the most abundant and joyful journeys I have the privilege of being apart of. I am so grateful that I took the steps to become a Licensed Massage Therapist and look forward to continuing and learning more modalities to help better serve everyone!

With over 1000 hours of teaching Yoga, a Yin Certificate, and 4 years of practicing Massage Therapy, these experiences have given me the tools and support to provide you with the best experience possible, and I can't wait to continue this journey you!

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Meet Jessica AKA River Fox


I have lived in the Duluth area for 15 years. I grew up in Aberdeen, SD then moved to St. Cloud for college.  After college I moved to Duluth where I have lived ever since. I have a 14-year-old cock-a-poo, Delila who is my only child and a total joy. 

I enjoy spending time with family and friends, being active outdoors, eating good food, traveling and being creative. I like to live a simple life and spend my time doing things that bring me joy and inner peace. My passion is creating a healthy lifestyle that is simple, loving and focused on listening to the true needs of the body.  I love sharing this with my friends, family and clients.  

I began my wellness journey around 10 years ago at a time when I needed extra help managing anxiety. I took a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course and learned how to breathe, meditate and do some simple yoga poses. After that, I started learning more about healthy, whole foods and how the foods we eat relate to overall mental and physical wellness.  I love the idea that our body is self-healing and when given a chance it will heal itself.  

In 2010, I started taking cardio kickboxing classes and quickly saw a change in my mood and the way my body felt. These classes not only helped relieve stress, but also provided a sense of community and some of those people I first met at the gym are now some of my best friends to this day.

Shortly after starting kickboxing I also started kettlebells and between the two I was in love with being active. I felt mentally and physically challenged by both and found a new healthy outlet for managing daily stressors. 

My certifications include: Yoga 200 hour teacher training, Health Coaching (ACE and IIN), Personal Training (NASM), Kettlebells (SFG) and I am a MN Licensed Social Worker. Additional training includes chronic disease self-management, tobacco treatment counseling and Tai Ji Quan. I have 14 years of social work experience in a clinical setting with the last 2 years focused on health coaching.

I love being able to work with my clients to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle that provides a foundation for a long life free of dis-ease.  


Meet Emily


Teacher at JEM

E-RYT 200, LMT


I have always been a creative soul. Since early childhood, I've been drawn to the arts and imagination. After acquiring a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Northwestern State University of Louisiana, I took my painting skills, charcoals and oils home, and continued to wait tables for 15 years. Granted, painting still, an art show here or there along the way, I traveled the world waiting tables - from Alaska to my birthplace, Venezuela.

It was while living in Quito, Ecuador that a flatmate introduced me to Sun Salutations. Of course, I'd been exposed to my mother's VHS yoga tapes; this was different. It felt personal and special - I was hooked.

 In April 2011, I traveled to Uttarkashi, India for my teacher training, at the Sivananda Kutir. Nestled in the Himalayas and along the Ganga River, I discovered that there was more to yoga then the perfect chaturanga and Sun Salutations - To find your connection with all that exists around you. To see the beauty in the balance, find peace in the oneness. My love for teaching what yoga can do for the mind and body, how it can uplift the spirit, cannot be contained. I must share this knowledge, this beautiful practice. Vinyasa flow allows me to be creative with sequencing and transitions, while focusing on organic bio mechanics, breath, and alignment. All levels are a joy to teach. Watching someone grow and find their way, is the reason I love what I do.

 What to expect in my classes?

An All Levels flow, beginning and ending with softness and leading up to focused, dynamic movement. We will open chakras. We will become strong. We will become better acquainted with ourselves. Find peace within ourselves. We will engage our bandhas. And become fascinated with our breath. Our bodies and hearts will allow what we knew not possible.

 Somewhere along the way, I realized that I wanted to do more, in helping others de-stress and heal. In 2015, I graduated in Massage Therapy at Lake Superior College and learned, not only a valuable skill in healing others, but have also increased my knowledge of anatomy and physiology, tremendously improving my yoga practice and instruction.

I love continuing to learn.

Continuing to grow.

Continuing to share.


Kaitlyn Murphey  

Barre Certified

Hi, I’m Kaitlyn! I am a fitness joiner/pusher. I love to try new things, and my friends say I’m pretty good at talking them into going along for the ride. My fitness journey started with Zumba. I was pretty overweight and beginning to get concerned about my health. I also started running, which I would say is still my main fitness outlet. I have done 5ks, 10ks, half marathons, a full marathon (I’ll be back for another someday), and Ragnar Relays (you should absolutely try this if you haven’t!). I love yoga, especially Joella’s 5:30am yoga for runners class, I have paddled dragon boats, tried a couple indoor triathlons, dabbled in CrossFit (I’m terrified of the barbell), and rollerbladed a half marathon. I have a hidden desire to be a beautiful ballerina. So, here I am, at age 32, attempting to be a beautiful ballerina through teaching Yoga Barre classes! I’m a first-time fitness instructor and my goal for this class is for it to be as accessible as possible (I’d really like my mom to give it a try), but still offer a challenge for every fitness level.


My other loves include good coffee, craft beer, spending time with family and friends, my dog - Clyde, the sun, and being on/near large bodies of water. I am a dog person, but I must admit my boyfriend’s cat is pretty cool. I work in HR and just got accepted to grad school! More than anything, I want to help YOU succeed in your fitness goals, wherever you are at. If you’re new to barre, so am I, so we will do this together!



And the class description:

Yoga Barre is a mashup of yoga and barre moves that will tone and tighten in all the right places. It’s a low impact workout designed for any fitness level. We’ll start with a yoga warm up and a sequence of core and upper-body exercises, which may include push-ups, planks, using light weights, and other moves to target the biceps, triceps, chest, and back muscles. Next, we’ll channel our inner beautiful ballerinas using the barre (or a chair or the wall) for balance and our own body weight for resistance to perform isometric exercises that focus on the leg and seat muscles. Then we transition back to yoga for a cool down with a series of stretches to increase flexibility and allow our muscles to recover. You will see the benefits (improved posture, muscle definition, increased balance and flexibility, reduced stress, and more...) in no time!