We are here for you.

Life is complex. Yoga + Massage Help


We are excited for your interest in beginning your healing journey with us. Rather you are a seasoned practitioner or just beginning, this is a place for you. Just like you, we know what it's like to feel stressed, overworked and exhausted. Life can be challenging, but through healing, we begin learning and growing in unexplainable ways.

If we can remember one thing through our wellness journey it is this;  

Be in the moment. 


Let us help guide you towards your infinite bliss. Because we've been there and we've had to learn how to pick ourselves up, dust it all off, and slowly begin to trust in the healing power of alternative healing. We are honored to be a part of your wellness journey and know you'll feel confident and comfortable the moment you walk through our doors. 


Our teachers + Therapists are certified professionals here to help you!

Photo by: Bailey Aro Photography

Photo by: Bailey Aro Photography

Meet Joella

 Teacher + Therapist at JEM

 E-RYT 200 , YIN Certified, LMT

Joella is owner/founder of JEM Yoga and Massage. She holds a 250 hour Yoga Certification through the Sivananda Organization and is trained in Vinyasa, Yin, Yoga Calm Kids Yoga, and is a License Massage Therapist, specializing in Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Aromatherapy and Thai Yoga. Joella has had an infatuation with breath, crystals, sound bowls , and movement for many moons and hopes to help others connect to their divine essences through these beautiful ancient practices. 

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Aubrey Marie  

Buti Yoga, Hot Buti FLow, DEEp Certified, 200 HR RYT, ZUmba

Hi, my name is Aubrey, I’m a fierce 41-year-old woman who has an amazing husband amazing children.  I manage multiple sales teams in Duluth and Milwaukee WI for ARI.  I am a pastor at Westside Vineyard, an artist, musician, a fitness instructor, co founder of Good Vibes Only Fitness, lover, a healer, a truth teller, friend and amazing bliss dealing girl boss.   I’m excited to bring Buti yoga and DEEP by Buti Yoga to Evolve! Both practices are all about community self love and self healing. I am loving life and enjoying every opportunity to share it with others and for them to share theirs with me.  

My motto: Love yourself now and enjoy every moment of the journey! 


Kaitlyn Murphey  

Barre Certified

Hi, I’m Kaitlyn! I am a fitness joiner/pusher. I love to try new things, and my friends say I’m pretty good at talking them into going along for the ride. My fitness journey started with Zumba. I was pretty overweight and beginning to get concerned about my health. I also started running, which I would say is still my main fitness outlet. I have done 5ks, 10ks, half marathons, a full marathon (I’ll be back for another someday), and Ragnar Relays (you should absolutely try this if you haven’t!). I love yoga, especially Joella’s 5:30am yoga for runners class, I have paddled dragon boats, tried a couple indoor triathlons, dabbled in CrossFit (I’m terrified of the barbell), and rollerbladed a half marathon. I have a hidden desire to be a beautiful ballerina. So, here I am, at age 32, attempting to be a beautiful ballerina through teaching Yoga Barre classes! I’m a first-time fitness instructor and my goal for this class is for it to be as accessible as possible (I’d really like my mom to give it a try), but still offer a challenge for every fitness level.


My other loves include good coffee, craft beer, spending time with family and friends, my dog - Clyde, the sun, and being on/near large bodies of water. I work in HR and just got accepted to grad school! More than anything, I want to help YOU succeed in your fitness goals, wherever you are at. If you’re new to barre, so am I, so we will do this together!