Terms & Policies



If you have not created an account through our scheduling page please click the LOG IN blue button in the upper right hand corner  here: http://jemduluth.com/class-schedule/ This will allow for a smoother and faster log in process in the future and help you keep track of your remaining punches.

To purchase your PUNCH CARDS + PACKAGES please visit this link : http://jemduluth.com/purchase-products/ -- You will receive your coupon code via email to redeem for all of your classes. Punches can be used interchangeably( Bring a friend and use your another punch!).  If you have any concerns or just don't quite understand our new scheduling system, we understand that sometimes these systems just don't make since! Simply fill out your info under your desired class and hit the PAY LATER blue button. We will take care of you upon your arrival!


Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of class if this is your first time, and 5 minutes before thereafter.


JEM Yoga and Massage classes and workshops are offered on a first-come basis. When you register for a class or workshop, JEM Yoga and Massage makes a commitment to you to “hold your spot” therein. Your registration also affects our decision to hold or cancel a class.

For Studio Classes and Massage a 24 hour cancellation notice is required  for a full refund. Please understand these policies have been put in place to respect your time as well as mine. 

You may register online, by email, phone, facebook messenger, or text.



Please do your best to register online before the start of class. Sometimes, we know that is not possible and will gladly check you in upon your arrival.

Please keep shoes near the front door and belongings in the lounge area or wherever you feel comfortable leaving your belongings. 


JEM Yoga and Massage is a beautiful hidden gem in Downtown Duluth located on the second floor of the same building that accommodates The Used A Bit Store, Blush, and is located next to The Flame. You will see a Sign on the MAIN Entrance of the building and just up the stairs you will find our welcoming studio.  


Please be sure to let your instructors and your therapist know of any medical concerns.