What is SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Integrative Therapy?


SomaVeda® Integrated Traditional Therapy is a comprehensive, sacred therapeutic practice that helps others sustain a life of abundance and joy. This practice stems from a lineage that is over 2500 years old and embodies several core practices of the healing arts derivative of Thai Yoga, Thai Ayurveda, Puja (sacred prayers or mantras), sacred nutrition and so much more!

Thai Yoga is a form of bodywork intended to treat the whole body by using the whole body. Much different from a therapeutic massage, the client is fully clothed and the session consists of yoga-assisted stretching, compression, rocking, stimulation, and deep connection to pranayama (breath) to help detoxify the body, mind, and soul.

What are the benefits of Thai Yoga?

  • Relaxation

  • Detoxification

  • Improved Sleep

  • Reduction of swelling /edema

  • Increases muscles flexibility

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Improves breathing/respiration

  • Increase range of motion

  • Balancing the bodies energy system / dissolves energy blockages

  • Boost a healthy circulation of bodily fluids

  • Helps chronic join tension

How does Somaveda® Thai Yoga Integrative Therapy Work?

This method begins with a compression progression from the feet up and focuses on working the meridian lines through the entire body. The session will feel a lot like a dance as we flow through a series of postures that are intended to detoxify, purify, and energize, the entire body. This sacred practice is perfect for everybody as I will work with you closely to set up the perfect protocol to bring a sense of ease within your body.

What to expect in a Somaveda® Thai Yoga Session?

SomaVeda® Thai Yoga is a passive form of yoga where the client's body is moved in very specific positions with care. The flow of the sequence works best if the client does as little as possible and remains relaxed throughout the entire session. Performed on a comfortable floor mat and fully clothed in comfortable attire, this session will provide a full body experience and works best through consistency and accountability.

Come find out how Thai Yoga can benefit you and provide you with the care your body craves. Email me if you would like to set up a free 10-20 minute consultation to see if Thai Yoga is right for you. (Joellaerin@jemduluth.com)

I'd like to offer you a gift!

For a limited time only I will be offering Somaveda® Thai Yoga Sessions at a discounted price as a gift from me to you while I continue to delve deep into this sacred form of healing. As I mentioned before, I just completed the fundamentals course of Somaveda® Thai Yoga which provided me with 20 hours of sacred tools needed to offer all of you the best experience possible. I will be continuing this education in Ohio as I fly back and forth for one weekend in March, April, May, June, and graduation in August. Come August 2019, I will receive my 200-hour Somaveda® Thai Yoga Practitioner certification providing me with a wealth of knowledge intended to better serve all of you. As I continue to delve deeper into this course learning from some of the best practitioners int he world, my prices for Thai Yoga Sessions will rise accordingly. In the meantime, please take advantage of this special offer just for you. 


30 Minute Somaveda® Thai Yoga Session - $45

60 Minute Somaveda® Thai Yoga Sessions - $65

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